Who We Are
Calvin and Reba are a dynamic entrepreneurial couple in Spartanburg, SC.  Calvin had a military background and Reba was in Human Resources and Psychology, they both have a passion for health, fitness and leadership. Combining their leadership experience and passions, they started a business helping others get increase in both their health and finances.

Within the first 3 years their side business was helping to pay for their children’s private school tuition, groceries, and gas. They realized they found something incredible and they could teach others their system.

Lifestyle Coaching
Calvin and Reba are coaches at heart. Their passion is always tied to the personal goals of their clients. Their nutrition system is proven and they have coached a broad group of individuals from professional athletes, busy executives, to stay-at-home moms with their fitness lifestyle.

There is so much information on what to eat and what not to eat and it all can become very confusing. One of the issues of following someone else’s diet is that they are not you. We are all unique in our nutritional needs and only we can uncover our ideal diet. This survey is designed to help you become more aware of your food choices and how your food choices affect you.